How do I book into Lakey Beach Inn?

Kids in water

Kids in water

Feel free to phone the office to make a booking, and you can email with the dates you would like to stay.

No reservations are necessary for the restaurant.

Email – info@lakey-beach-inn.com

Phone – +62 (0) 373623576 – between 9am and 5pm local time.

Will there be a driver waiting at the airport for me?

If you book a Taxi with Lakey Beach Inn, there will be a driver with your name on a sign waiting for you on your arrival. If you have not booked a Taxi with Lakey Beach Inn then there are always Taxis at the airport that will take you to Lakey Beach Inn for a similar

Sunset and tower

Sunset and tower

price as Lakey Beach Inn charge.

Are there any shops where I can buy supplies?

There are a number of small shops with basic supplies including food, snacks and drinks, mosquito replants, sunscreens, moisturisers, basic personal care items, Simple medicines and cigarettes.

What medical facilities are available?

There is a Life Guard at the Lakey Beach Area with first aid equipment. There is a small hospital nearby in Dompu with English speaking doctors. For anything serous a quick flight back to Bali can be arranged.

What medical precautions do I need to take?

Peak Glass

Peak Glass

Consult your local doctor for any recommendations for the Indonesian islands.

What other services are available at the Lakey Peak area?

Internet and Wi Fi – Laundry Service – Booking return flights to Bali – Return transport to the airport – Basic Surf shop – Surfboard repairs.